I’ve been pretty quiet blog-wise. I started the blog with a flurry of posts, but after going on retreat in mid-October I wanted to make an effort to reduce some of the noise in my life, especially online noise. But it’s time to get back in the saddle. I’ll start my weekly lectionary reflections again this week, and I’ve been reading some books I’m keen to review on the blog, so that’s coming.

Meanwhile I’ll also refocus on pointing toward places where I’m finding reason to hope. One of those is Generate magazine, a new quarterly “artifact of the Emergence conversation”—i.e., an “emergent” magazine started, as most emergent things are, by a group of folks who wanted to share grassroots stories of what God is doing in the world in a more permanent form than blogs but in less time than it takes to produce a book, and took the initiative to go out and do it. Does it seem like a crazy time to start a magazine? Sure, but I hope they succeed. I haven’t finished reading the first issue yet, but I’ll try to say more about it later.